Walton Primo HM4iIf you need to wipe all data at once, you can do that by performing a hard reset. A hard reset is also known as a master reset, factory reset, or formatting the smartphone. Hard resetting is common among those who wish to sell their smartphones to ensure no data is shared after the device is handed over. Hard resetting is also common among technicians troubleshooting software issues.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Walton Primo HM4i smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Walton Primo HM4i

You can hard reset the Walton Primo HM4i smartphone using the hardware buttons. Here is how to do that:

Hard resetting the Walton Primo HM4i smartphone will wipe all data. Thus, you need to take a backup if you plan on restoring the data when the guide is finished.

1. With the Walton Primo HM4i turned off, press and hold the Power + Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

2. Once the Walton logo appears, you may release the buttons.

3. Press the Power Button.

4. From Recovery Mode, select Wipe data/factory reset.

5. When you see the question Wipe all data? This cannot be undone, select Yes.

6. From the Recovery menu, select Reboot system now.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the Walton Primo HM4i smartphone.