Most people who don’t write about smartphones and technology every day like us don’t want anything to go wrong with their smartphones because it gives them anxiety. Since common problems and smartphones are bound to happen, the manufacturers of each variety of smartphone have given us a choice with a built-in master reset option. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 master reset will completely wipe the smartphone/phablet to the way it was out of the shop; thus eliminating whatever problem you were facing.

The downside is that it also wipes any data and information you had stored. Basically, anything that you changed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will now be taken away and restored to the way it was out of the shop. That’s why most people prefer to source around for specific answers before going ahead with the master reset option on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Something worth noting is that the master reset is another word for the hard reset and factory reset. All three terms are common around the world. Therefore, if you hear the term factory reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5, hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note, or master reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you’ll know you can always follow this guide to get the job done.

There are two ways you can take the master reset on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The alternative way is to get access to the recovery mode. Since accessing the recovery mode is the more difficult way, we’ll show you the main/easier way during the guide. However, if you are not getting the guide to work, access the (stock) recovery mode on your Android OS and take the wipe data/factory reset option from the recovery mode to get the master reset done.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5

1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and tap the menu button.

2. Press the Settings option.

3. Choose the User and Backup option.

4. Choose the Backup and Reset option.
– this is letting you know that you are on the right path to taking the reset. However, to make sure you are aware you are about to lose your data, it automatically points you in the right direction to back up before going further. Take this time to take your backup with Samsung’s built-in features to store your data on the internal SD card. The internal SD card does not get wiped; thus your backup is safe for restoring next time.

5. Those of you who do not want to back up using the standard Sammy way, can learn how to back up the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on Windows PC.

6. Select the Reset option and agree to the terms and conditions — have a read of them beforehand.

7. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is now reset with a hard reset. Your data can be restored, but before its restored your operating system will appear wiped.

That’s all.