Aristo 3Some LG Aristo 3 owners may wish to hard reset the smartphone to wipe all data at once. Wiping the data is common to do before selling the smartphone. Moreover, you may also want to hard reset the Aristo 3 for other reasons as well, such as restoring the default settings. Hard resetting is the quickest way to restore the smartphone to its default factory state.

This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Aristo 3 smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Aristo 3

You can hard reset the Aristo 3 using the hardware buttons on the back and side of the smartphone. Here is how to do that:

1. With the Aristo 3 turned off, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons.

2. When the LG logo appears on the screen, release the Power button.

3. With the Volume Down button still pressed, press the Power button once again.

4. You should now see a factory reset data screen.

5. When it asks if you want to erase all data and restore default settings, tap Yes.

The Aristo 3 will be factory reset and the Android operating system will restart. When it does, the data will be wiped and the default settings restored. If you want the data back on the Aristo 3, you need to restore it.

In conclusion, that is how to hard reset the Aristo 3 smartphone.