A new version of the Google Play Store namely 4.9.13 is arriving today for all Android OS users that gives us the first look and feel of how the Android L software will be when it finally comes out. It doesn’t give us the entire experience, however it does feature many of the material design elements that make up the look.

Android L first came about at the Google I/O event held in June of this year where the Mountain View company showcased the next-generation green robot software that many future devices will start with. It will also come as an OTA update for many of the older smartphones and tablet already released.



Furthermore, after a new software update that makes a big leap forward in the development comes out, it forces existing applications to update their design to better match what the brand is doing. We saw this happen when Apple enforced apps better suited for iOS 7 and we will see Android deploy a similar tactic with Android L. We already have the pleasure of taking a look at the Developer Preview and many developers tell us confirming it will be the case.

The big changes come in roughly once per year. Moreover, many fans are anticipating this being the biggest change to the Android-based ecosystem we have seen since its original back in 2008. Similarly, we heard the same news about Apple’s iOS 7 after it was unveiled last year. Many people, including Apple, also labelled it as the biggest change since their beginnings back in 2007.

As for the new Google Play Store update, namely 4.9.13, it is rolling out in stages to everyone. It mechanically makes its way to each person at a time, so some will receive it sooner than others.

It will take some time before many of the existing apps in the Play Store see updates to look like they belong to what the Play store is doing. However, users can immediately see differences by looking at the information pages associated with the apps when viewing from the store itself. For example, if you browse an application you already know, take a read of the contents page and it will show the new UI design.

According to Android Geeks, the Material Design, UI showcases video trailer for apps appearing at the top of pages now instead of the old location. You can see an example of that taken from the picture included in the post that is also from them. There are also advanced app details that show up under the ‘Read More’ tab. The details include APK download size, last update date, app version, content rating, Top Developer’ text-badge, bigger app description and downloads information.

Download the GPS v4.9.13 apk file here.