One of the best things about the web is searching for answers. Simply type what you want to know into the search bar and press enter on your keyboard. Up until now this has always been dominated by something like yahoo answers or blogs dishing out advice in a textual way.

Google have come up with another idea of creating video chats that give these kind of answers instead of the usual text that we would see via a search engine. Google+ is Google’s social media and Google hangout’s has been a service located inside of its social media that it has tried its best to elevate over the last year or so.

The Mountain View company see’s this service as its ticket to success, because it can’t seem to find any other way to beat out Facebook and/or Twitter at what they do. So far so good too with many people jumping on board these Hangout ideas. We’ve even seen the Android text app change its name to the Hangout brand now as well.

Video’s are generally things that don’t rank very well in search engines, because of their lack of text it’s impossible to pick up their content. But if they are run inside of a service like Google+ then they can still be used. Or at least that’s what Google’s idea is here anyway.

The new service is starting now.

Via: Google Helpouts