I’m constantly writing how-to guides on the Mobile Cupertino website to cater for people looking to flash firmware, root handsets and other similar tasks and one thing I always recommend is backing up with Google Drive. Yes, on top of the usual internal storage a smartphone and tablet has there is also some variety of external storage option for many. However, if you don’t desire to go out and purchase an SD card you can just head over the Google website and sign up for 15 GB’s worth of free space with Drive, and it will save your documents and other personal data in the cloud. Some people refuse to store with cloud-based services, but they are a lot more trustworthy now and when you go with the Mountain View company, you’re in the best hands imaginable.

Anyhow, the Google Drive app for Android is updated to version 2.0, and it comes with s slew of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and also a new UI that looks great and is a visual update of the last design work. Some of the design tweaks are subtle, but it’s all a step in the right path. I’ve trailed out the new application myself, and when comparing it to the last version, I prefer it.

Google Drive


Inside the new update you will notice that the top header bar is no longer visible, files have a new grid format, additional options underneath the file name such as move, share a link, download, start a document, send a file, rename and others.

The update started rolling out on the 25th of June, that is roughly four days ago now, and several people have left comments on the Official page letting us know what they think of it. You can read the comments when you click the link to download the application and see them for yourself. For the most part humanities are happy but there is one or two slightly confused people and that in many respects is a reason it only has between 100,00 and 500,00 downloads so far., It isn’t the most user-friendly service, and it often considered for the tech-savvy groups only but if you are running out of space I highly recommend giving it a go.

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To get yours all you must do is hit the Google Play Store link here for direct download access. Alternatively if you already have the applications installed on your Android-based smartphone or tablet all you need to do is be the watcher for the new notification coming your way. Approve the installation of the updated edition.

If you want direct access to the APK file, you have it here.

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