Yesterday we watched the large man sit on the iPhone 6 to prove that it doesn’t bend. However, according to reports surfacing since the iPhone 6 came out, it does bend and that’s a problem. We are witnessing Apple’s smartphone range come with larger displays and nobody expected a problem arising quite like what we are seeing reports of across the United States.

The curve in the new flagship for the fruit company happens about two thirds the way up the display — very nearly where the fold in the billboard shows itself. In an ironic twist of events, this hoarding is an Android enthusiast’s dream as they consonantly want new material to throw at Apple fan boys.

iPhone 6 billboard

As if circumstances couldn’t get any more petty between Apple and Samsung already, Sammy is unloading a new advertising campaign showing that the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t have the same bending issue in it’s frame. Sammy is always making the Cupertino gang look bad to the extent that we are all getting sick of it. nevertheless, they are not a company too willing to call a truce.