While most Nexus fans are settings their sights toward the early November time for a likely release of the Android L software, others are reveling in the news that the Mountain View company finally released Android 4.4.4 factory images for the Google Nexus 7 2013 tablets. If you are one of the lucky owners of this tablet you can upgrade the stock firmware to the latest version Android has to offer with these files. Additionally, it’s the only way those with root access and running a custom ROM or custom firmware can revert back to stock software since no OTA updates arrive as notifications until you are back on the official builds.

As a rule, that is habitually impossible to do without the binaries. Therefore, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google are releasing the binaries to go along with it so all of you are running the Custom kernels and ROMs can revert back to stock properly.

Nexus 7 2013

To date, we know that the chocolate software ranges from 4.4.1 through to 4.4.4. So, with that news, this is likely the final stage that we see of any KitKat build issued for the Nexus 7 tablets. The next jump up will be the new Android L that unveiled during the Google I/O this year and is currently out as a developer preview to iron out the kinks. We know all companies do this, bit they use different names. For example, Microsoft just released the Windows 10 software as a technical preview.

Do not wait for this to arrive as a notification like a standard over the air release would since this is not an OTA release. No signals are picking this up for an automatic update. if you want to install and flash the files you must do it by using the traditional manual method.

So far, many people are picking on the owners of the LTE variant since it is left in the dark for so long. We watched all of the other variants of Nexus smartphones and tablets received the same factory images namely KTU84P several months ago now. However, owners are standing by their trusty tablet, firing back stating they would do it again with the stronger internet signals when they don’t have trustworthy WiFi signals to work from .

Nevertheless, all of you should backup the important device data and settings just in case it does require a full factory reset. make copies of the market apps, phone contacts, SMS and MMS texts, picture galleries and music files all stored on the tablet. That way of something does go wrong, you can restore the data.

Find the file from the Google Developers page here. Moreover, find the binaries here.

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