Maybe it’s Samsung that is trying to cover up the 50,00 units sold by making people confused here, or maybe they wanted to replicate this for every one unit sold. Whatever the reason, the Korean technology giants have issued out a Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to 50,00 beta testers.

Beta means what is essentially a testing period before it goes into being a stable build, which is what we would see on the shelves. Without confusing things too much, it is possible that after a big release, the software goes into beta stages once more. However, this is generally open only to developers to use while the public goes on using what they already were.

The galaxy Round which is the flexible display handset will also be tested by 8,000 people at the same time.

This testing isn’t for any newer firmware which isn’t already used. It’s that Samsung weren’t expecting the Gear to be going global just yet because they are all too aware of the lack of devices it is now compatible with. It’s fair to say that they are using this extra time to do some further testing while they can. From all reports so far there hasn’t been many reports of bugs and problems from what we have heard.

Via AppleInsider