This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A11

You can hard reset the Galaxy A11 from the General Management section of the Settings app and in Recovery Mode. We will run through both methods, starting with the Settings app first as it is the simplest and least technical. Here is how to hard reset via General Management:

1. With the Galaxy A11 turned on, tap Settings > General Management.

2. Tap Reset > Factory data reset.

3. Tap Reset.

4. Tap Delete all.

The Android operating system will restart and you will need to set up the device which includes signing in to your Google account again. You need the Google account username and password for this. You can head to on any desktop computer and reset the password from the sign-in page if you need to.

As mentioned, there is a second method via Recovery Mode. if you cannot get access to the Settings app because the software will not allow it, you can hard reset via Recovery using the following guide:

1. With the Galaxy A11 turned off, press and hold the Power + Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

2. Wait for the Samsung logo to appear and then release the buttons.

3. From Android Recovery, select Wipe data/factory reset.

4. Select Yes — delete all user data.

5. Select Reboot system now.

The Galaxy A11 will leave Recovery Mode and automatically restart the Android operating system where you will need to sign in with your Google account. You can reset your Google account password on any desktop computer via the sign-in page if you need to.