Whenever I think about the future of smartphones it’s always having as much real estate as possible devoted to the display and nothing else. Think of it like the new-age smart TV’s that we see with much thinner borders compared to the older thick bordered screen. To me, that looks better and it looks more modern.

Huawei made the D2 last year that was a smartphone running Android 4.1. 2 Emotion UI with a 5.0-inch physical display. It also had a 1080 x 1920 pixels screen resolution with Super IPS+ LCD technology embedded, plus a very good pixel density of 441 ppi. It was quickly dubbed as the fastest smartphone and did well in Asian overseas markets but didn’t go to the US or the Western world. It did so well that Hauwei have decided to follow it up again this year with the D3.

Ascend D3

Although spec-wise we have nothing to go on now and neither does any other blog that we can find, we can safely assume that it’s looks are not anything that gets in the way of this smartphone being successful. Some Reddit viewers are saying that they wished the HTC M8 looked like this and in many respects they do have a lot in common with the shell shape.

For those who don’t know what a bezel is, look at the white parts at the top and the bottom of the smartphone. When you try to look up this device be careful to put in the full name of Ascend D3 because there is also another handset called the Cowon D3 that might get mixed up.