If you’re one of the people that only knows Fujitsu as an air-conditioning company, you might be interested in hearing they also make mobile phones. Moreover, they have a new mobile coming out as part of the Softbank holiday season range.

Fujitsu phones are actually a pretty big household name over in Japan, despite the lack of coverage they receive over here out west.

Reports have the company pinged as about to launch another device called the Arrows A 301F and it is equipped with some really cool features.

Among them is an alleged ten minute charge time where the device will go from completely dead to fall within this time frame. It will also do its best iPhone impersonation and come with a fingerprint sensor on its own in which owners can set it to unlock the phone with the use of their fingers instead of any sort of security code required. This is a technology that is expected to be hitting the vast majority of new Smartphones in the coming months hold.

The Fujitsu Arrows A 301F is expected to be out before the Christmas holiday period, so shoppers can buy it with ample time in hand.