By now, you might have a personal digital assistant in the form of a tablet or a cellular phone that is already equipped with the latest software. It could be an Android or the iPhone I-Os. But if you will look closely, there are many reasons that you should fall in love with Android. As much as you like to make a lot of things work on your tablet. However, there is only one Android that you could trust on so that you could be able to maximize the usage of your mobile phone.

In reality, phones and tablets became one of the hottest techno gadgets that have been sold out. They seemed to be in ubiquity. But before you are acquainted with the latest operating software called Android, you should know why people love to have this software over the other one. Of course, there is the iOS and the Windows 7 for mobile. But, just as many people would love to do their thing, they just can’t resist falling in love with Android.


Now, here are some of the reasons:

More Free Apps

Unlike Apple’s iOS, you can see a lot of free applications that can be readily downloaded from the internet. While many people would love free apps, yet, they are worth your downloading. With the iOS as free software, many developers are focusing their attention towards creating their application using the platform. And since all of the tools are free, they would easily give you some of the best apps that you ever imagine would exist. Just imagine, free apps as in free beer. Indeed, this would save you a lot.


Almost every cellular phones and tablet, other than iPhones and iPad, are run by this freeware from Google. Like its search engine, Google made it for free for manufacturers. The idea is to make the software available to all so that an application can be easily created. Of course, this will also mean lesser cost in your personal digital assistant. And by the way, you can also create your apps if you would like to.

Free Software Development Kit

Do you want to create your apps? Certainly, it can be possible with iOS. With its free apps available and at the same time downloadable anytime, you can create your Android software. Of course, you need to have a good background and working knowledge in programming, especially JAVA programming. However, you can take some crash course online and be a programmer by going through some free courses. But practicing how to program might take time; nevertheless, it is also worth your effort as you will have a promising career as an android developer.

Lastly, you can download anything you want

From monitoring what you eat to knowing your menstrual cycle or heartbeat, you can download anything that you need with some free apps available. However, some other apps should be paid. But the bottom line is that this is the operating software that lets you do anything that can be done on your phone or tablet. You might be thinking twice if you still need a computer as this can do all the things that a computer can. And you can also bring it anywhere.


The next time you think about tablets, PCs, and gadgets. Think about something that you can use immediately and is very handy. Reflect on the apps that can be easily downloaded online. And this could be possible with an Android OS on your phones.