If you are fond of steadiness and performance over the previous custom ROM or old official software you were using, updating the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505 to this new XXUGNH7 Android 4.4.2 is what you are yearning for. The new software represents the latest OTA that is rolling out, thanks to Samsung and phone carriers in the regions where the I9505 model smartphone is sold. We know that Vodafone from the United Kingdom are the company responsible for this release.

The new build will issue devices with a minor update that boosts the performance and comes with bug fixes. In addition, we have some new drivers. Since it’s nothing serious, you are welcome to wait for the notification to arrive alerting you to download the file. Just remember that unless you are within the region, it is issued you will not see any notification or OTA signal. Therefore the only way you can download and install the new build is by following these steps listed below with the manual method.

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  • It is imperative to know that the tutorial is compatible for both rooted and non-rooted handsets. It doesn’t matter if you have previously unchained the OS, have it unchained now, or are running an old version of the stock firmware. All the options will work just the same. However, you should understand that flashing this stock build over custom recovery images and root access will take those aspects away. The excellent news is that the warranty becomes ready to go again so when something does go wrong the manufacturers will look at it.
  • We always want to complete a full backup before starting the steps to safeguard the data files in case of any corruption or having to perform a full factory reset. Factory resets will result in all data being wiped. Unless you backup the phone contacts, SMS and MMS text messages, market applications, settings and everything else you can think of such as music files. Try installing SMS Backup from the Google Play Store for the ideal way duplicate those hard to store messages.
  • After taking care of the data you want to stop all security programs from operating on the S4 smartphone via the apps and also the computer protections. When we talk about Windows PC, often people use spyware, malware and virus protection to keep away any nastiness from the web. However, that same protection can interfere with the tool we use today for flashing in Odin.
  • Furthermore, people can use a computer, notebook or laptop as long as it has a USB slot so we can connect the USB wire at the end. When we connect the other end to the phone it will result in a connection.
  • However, in order to get that connection we first need to download the latest Samsung USB Drivers for it to work. Also, turn the smartphone on and navigate your way to the Settings > Developer Options and enable the USB Debugging mode. After successfully completing those two tasks we have no problem making the connection.
  • Moreover, the Galaxy comes with USB charging as a stock standard feature. That means after we connect to an electronic device such as a laptop the battery will start charging automatically. However, sometimes certain devices do not work and in those instances you will need to make sure you have enough battery charged up before starting. Take a look at the battery icon in the status bar and make sure it reads percentage of at least 50%.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I505 with Android 4.4.2 XXUGNH7 KitKat

1. Download the I9505XXUGNH7 firmware file here.
– use the desktop or the C: Drive

2. Download Odin 3.09 here if you don’t have it already.
– run the app so that it is open on the desktop.

3. Boot the galaxy S4 LTE up in Download Mode.
– press Power + Home + Volume Down buttons together to make this happen.

4. Carry the USB cable over to where you are working.

5. Plug each end so that the smartphone connects to the computer you are working with.

6. Watch Odin prompts you with the message “added’ on the screen and the ID: COM port turning yellow.
– that means we are connected and we can move onto the next step.
– if it did not work, try downloading USB Drivers again.

7. Press the AP button and upload the 4.4.2 firmware file.

8. The tool has set option by default already. they include the “Auto Reboot” and “F Reset Time” options on. leave the rest off as the default settings suggest.

9. Double check that everything is the right way.

10. Click the start button when ready.

11. Wait for the flashing to finish.

12. Do not touch any buttons or keys in the mean time.

13. Close the app after you see the ID: COM port change color and watch for the “pass’ message.

14. Stop the USB Mass Storage device before shutting down the computer.