When it comes to rooting and flashing ROMs in Android devices, ClockworkMod Recovery is the usual suspect when you think of custom recovery. Its ability to safeguard your personal data whilst allowing you to flash ROMS makes it quite indispensable. Many of you will already have a version of ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your rooted device, but we have the exciting news of telling you that there is a new version of ClockworkMod Recovery and it is available to download now.

ClockworkMod Recovery 6 is brought to us by a talented developer that goes by the name of Koush, and he has released the exciting news of the update from his Google + profile in a detailed post which not only goes through ClockworkMod Recovery 6’s release, including new features and updates but also what he foresees for ClockworkMod Recoveries future. He also speaks of ROM Manager and a possible overhaul of the User Interface. It seems Koush has some rather big plans for the UI, touching on it in his post and explaining his want to separate AOSP from custom recovery and give it a much more ‘polished touch UI’.

So what is included in the new ClockworkMod Recovery We have included a few features below:

  • New Backup format –  duplicates data between backups allowing for ‘Incremental’ backups.
  • Faster Backups
  • User Interface adjustments
  • Fixes for any restores 2GB +

So how do you get ClockworkMod 6 on your Galaxy Nexus GSM, Verizon, or Sprint? Well, excitingly enough it is a one-tap procedure and doesn’t take much work whatsoever. You will need to first ensure that you have unlocked the bootloader on your device and gained root access. You will also need to have ROM manager installed and already Flashed ClockworkMod Recovery 5. If your Galaxy Nexus device ticks all these boxes, it is safe to continue.

Simply launch ROM Manager and tap on the corresponding option from within the main menu. It’s that Easy. Then you can download the appropriate recovery image for your specific device below:

ClockworkMod for Galaxy Nexus HERE

If you wish to complete your Flash of ClockworkMod 6 a slightly different way, you can set up Android SDK and use the following comand:

fastboot flash recovery <insert recovery .img filename>

to flash the recovery manually.