If you’re the proud owner of the Galaxy Nexus GT- I9250 patiently awaiting the arrival of CyanogenMod 10, you can now rejoice thanks to a very talented developer who goes by the name of Mrc527 at XDA Developers. He has compiled his own build for CyanogenMod 10 using the official source code and while the ROM doesn’t pack any modifications, it is clean.

As with all tutorials, please back up your device first and proceed at your own risk. ConsumingTech will not take responsibility for any loss of data or damage which may occur to your device during the guide. As a precaution, ensure you read and understand all the instructions in this guide before you continue.

Before you begin:

  • Your Galaxy Nexus will need to have an unlocked bootloader and must also be have ClockworkMod Recovery installed  (If you need assistance with this you can check out one of our other tutorials).
  • Only proceed with the guide if you have the Galaxy Nexus GT- I9250

Flash CyanogenMod 10 on Galaxy Nexus GT- I9250

Step 1. First off you will need to download the following:

  • CyanogenMod 10(unofficial) HERE
  • Google Apps HERE

Step 2. Once downloaded you will need to save them to you devices SD card.

Step 3. Switch off your device then boot it back up in recovery mode. To achieve this just hold down the ‘Volume Up’ + ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power’ buttons at the same time. When the screen is back on select the ‘Restart Recovery’ option with the ‘Volume’ keys  and press the ‘Power’ button to confirm.

Step 4. At this stage you can make a ‘NANDroid backup’. To do this, simply select‘Backup & Restore’ > ‘Backup’.

Step 5. Select the next few options, making sure you confirm each one.

Wipe Data/ Factory Reset’


Wipe Cache’

Confirm next screen that appears

‘Advanced’ > ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’

Confirm next screen that appears

‘Install ZIP from SD Card’

Step 6. Now, select ‘Choose ZIP from SD Card’ and find the CyanogenMod 10 ROM file that you transferred to your devices SD card in step 2. Select it and this will begin the installation.

Step 7. Wait for it to finish the installation then select ‘Install Zip from SD Card’ once more. Then select ‘Choose ZIP from SD Card’ and find the Google Apps file you downloaded in step 2. Select it to begin the installation.

Step 8. Wait for this to finish installing then select ‘Go Back’ > ‘Reboot System Now’.