Fandango was the first app ever to try to revolutionize the way we go to the movies. The way it saw it, the traditional paper ticket stub that you pass through and give to the ticket inspectors after lining up and collecting it, wasn’t all the tech-friendly. Their idea to change it: Get rid of the paper all together and let people enter the movies via a mobile platform and electronically instead.

It started off really strong as a Blackberry service that eventually ended up making 28% of sales via the mobile platforms combined across the United States, only to then go down the tube and become extinct by the time last year came around for WP users.

In its defense it did manage to do a lot better than the Cingular app that rivaled it and came out at around the same time. There was a minor debacle back in 2010 when the Android version of the app has a surcharge applied to the sales price that was then being pocketed by Fandango themselves. That was soon taken away during the same year.

Today, it is one of the highest trafficked websites for the movie industry. It’s probably considered neck and neck with Moviefone, which had a helping hand after being named in several movies over the past few years. The last one I can recall “30 minutes of less”.

It recently saw a brief stint out of the Windows Phone store, but has now returned today, thankfully to any owners of the Redmond Smartphones.

Apart from being a fresh way to reserve your tickets to a range of different movies, it also doubles as a useful place to catch up on reviews and to check out all the latest films that are coming out, just been released, and that have just come out on DVD.

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