Now that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is out, there is a new feature that many are trying to find out how to use called enabling the battery percentage icon for it, or how to see the Galaxy S3 battery in percentage. With gratitude to touch wiz, this is thankfully easy to do. The new feature is not automatically showing, but after a couple of easy steps, you can have the feature showing in no time.

No matter what handset you use there should always be a way to adjust this via the settings unless you have something either old or inferior. If it’s any legitimate Smartphone suddenly, you will be hard pressed not to find it. For whatever reason, almost none of the brands choose to have this turned on as a default, and it’s a mystery about why exactly that is. Once it is visible, it is located on the left-hand side of the original monitor which will still be there. There is no option that I am aware of that will take away the picture of it. All you can do is enable the option to display the extra digits to present beside it. To be fair, there’s no confusion when they both are on, so it isn’t much of an issue.

When you have the battery percentage feature on, you won’t have to worry about how much battery you have left anymore. It is something that many Galaxy S3 owners will be looking forward to because of the uncertainty with the battery lifespan.

Enabling the Battery Percentage for Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Navigate to >Menu>Setting to access the Setting’s menu.

2. When you get to the settings, press the screen to enter.

3. Follow the list down the page until you see “display battery percentage” and mark this box as checked.

You will now have the battery displayed as a percentage on your Galaxy S3 home screen. You will be able to see the percentage bar in between the signal strength bars and the green battery light.