Whenever you have a smartphone that runs on the Android operating system, and it is made by a famous manufacturer like the Sony Xperia M5, then you can always install the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the computer to get the USB Drivers installed.

Koushik Dutta develops the Universal Windows ADB Driver with the intention of creating a file for people that is simple to use and as compatible as anything else in the world for getting the drivers installed.

Sony Xperia M5

No longer do you need to look around the internet to try to find the right drivers to have on the computer that is running on the Windows operating system because the Universal Windows ADB Driver has them all packaged together in the one bundle.

Downloading the Sony Xperia M5 USB Drivers for Windows PCs

Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the computer and then click on the file when the download completes just above the taskbar.

Make sure that the Sony Xperia M5 device is not connected ot the computer when starting the setup wizard.

Click on the Next button when you are ready to continue.


Click on the Browse button and then choose the folder where you want the ADB Driver to be stored on the computer or just leave it set on the same default setting if you are happy with the program choosing the folder location for you.

Click on the Just Me button if you don’t want to share the ADB Driver with other account or leave it set on the Everyone button if you prefer sharing it with all accounts on the computer.

Click on the Next button to continue.


Click on the Next button to confirm the installation and then it begins installing on the PC.


Wait for the progress bar featured in blue to reach the other side of the display.


Click on the Close button when you can see the Installation Complete wizard and then the setup wizard closes.


That’s is what is required to install the USB Drivers for the Sony Xperia M5 smartphone on a computer that runs on the Windows operating system. The Universal ADB Driver works for all Windows versions that are above the Windows XP—like all of you should be these days if you want a computer that runs well. You can now connect the Sony Xperia M5 handset to the computer with the USB cable and expect the drivers ot be automatically working by default without you having ot do anything else.