The SlimBean custom ROM has just received an update to the 4.2.2 jelly Bean for the Galaxy Nexus I9250. The new Slim Bean builds 8 files can be found at the bottom of this page. To install it, use the smartphone internal memory as this handset lacks the MicroSD card.

Custom ROMs will void your device’s warranty since they move the flash counter away from zero. manufacturers deliberately install the flash counter to pick up on what people are doing with the handsets. People can revoke the root access and gain the warranty back again by returning to the stock software version. However, in doing so you will lose the custom images.

There are heaps of new improvements with this update, many of which are aimed towards the 4.3 build coming shortly. This build comes with a longer vibration for notification, new sounds for the wireless charging and low battery alert, enhanced quick settings, prompt for ADB connections and a new gallery app animation.

With Slim Bean 4.2.2 you will get a bug report log which allows you to view what bugs are happening. Other notables include the Google GApps update which has changed Google Now, Google Play and Google music to the system app for easy access.

Slim Bean 4.2.2 Build 8 ROM

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