One of the main reasons I continually choose to buy Samsung smartphones and tablets is because they have the Odin application available. Flashing a smartphone that runs on an Android operating system is like putting the ice cream in a cone. One doesn’t taste great without the other. Many OEMs and manufacturers do not have flashing tools that are easy to use. True, the Odin flashing tool can seem daunting to newbies who haven’t used it before. But once you start using Odin and flash a few times you will soon start to realize how easy and user-friendly it is to use.

The Odin flashing tool is your answer to flash custom recoveries, rooting exploits, custom kernels, official firmware files from Sam Mobile and other sources online, and a range of other files that you might want on your device. The Odin downloader given to you in this guide will work when wanting to flash files using a Samsung smartphone, phablet or tablet that is running Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating systems. All you need to do is use Odin much the same way you would use it when flashing at other times. That means if you have a how-to guide that is showing you how to root, you can continue following that guide using this version of the Odin application.

Odin downloader

The Odin downloader comes in six main versions, and none of them come with any changelog. The reason we do not get any changelog is that the Odin app was never officially released for anyone by Samsung. It is said that Samsung developers leaked the Odin app for people to use but because they couldn’t perfect it, they never gave it an official release. As far as guys like you and me go, we all love to use the Odin app, and it works perfectly. Those who are into customizing a smartphone or tablet and know all about the CF-Auto-Root tool will also know that its developer, Chainfire, also bundles the Odin app to use with his tools. It’s also the only way you do flash recoveries and official firmware files that we know.

You can download the Odin downloader that works for Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating systems from the links below:


Download Odin (All Versions)