The new KingRoot one-click universal rooting tool is quite literally the King of all rooting tools. The said tool lets you root nearly all Android devices, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or even phablet. And for all those devices that cannot be rooted, you don’t run any risk of bricking down your device. You can click the button to try to root, and it will tell you on the display whether it can or cannot be rooted.

With that said, we do have the complete lists of devices from several smartphone and tablet OEMs for you to check if you wish to make sure your device is on the list. Furthermore, we also can tell you every software update (firmware) the KingRoot tool works for, including the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.


The list of supported Android devices

Rooting most Android devices with the KingRoot tool

1. Download the universal one-click rooting tool (KingRoot) from the direct download links below:

2. Point your Android device to Menu > Settings > Security and turn on the Unknown sources.
– You must enable the Unknown Sources options if you want to install applications outside of the Google Play Store like we want to do with the rooting tool.

3. Connect the smartphone, phablet or tablet you want to use to install the app to the computer.

4. Transfer the KingRoot APK from the link in the first step over to the internal SD card folder.
– Make sure that you do not hide the app in any subfolder. Keep it in the topmost folder, known as the root of the SD card.

5. Unplug the Android device from the computer once you know that the Kingroot app is on the SD card.

6. Download any File Manager, or use the File Manager that comes stock with some Android devices.

7. Tap the KingRoot options and it will download and install on your device.

8. Visit the app drawer and tap over the official KingRoot icon that is now an app on your device.

9. Click the Root button once you are in the app and it will use its cloud servers to root your device.

10. Watch the progress bar on the display; soon it will be complete, and a success message will be on the display of your mobile device.

Now you can head to the Google Play Store and download the root checker app. Tap to open the root checker app and it will confirm that you do have root access, and the guide did work for you.

Now that you have access to the root file system of your Android device, you can install loads more apps from the Google Play Store. These apps include increasing the performance, adding a free mobile WiFi hotspot, increasing the battery power and more.