Note before you download that this is the beta version. Not only that, but it is the first beta version. This means it is not yet a product. It will need some bug fixes and improvements in the future. Also note, after you download you won’t be able to go back to your previous firmware version. This should only be used if you are really keen to get your hands on iOS 7 or if you are a developer. As with all beta versions, you have no choice but to sign up to the iOS developers registry. If you are not yet signed up, this comes with a fee of nearly $100. That will hook you up for a yearly membership. You can expect that to mean you will have all access to the entire iOS 7 beta versions to come also.

If you are going to sign up, it’s a good version to sign up to. The iOS 7 is a big update that is looking like revolutionizing iOS. Apple is reporting it as the biggest, and most drastic change we have seen in the fruit companies’ software yet since the hay days.

The build number for the firmware is 11A4372q and is available for all iPhone devices 4 and up, including the likes of iPhone 4 GSM and CMDA version (all iPhone4), iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 A1428, iPhone 5 A1429. You are also able to download and install it for the 5th generation iPod touch.

To get your hands on it, simply head over to the developer center.

Apple’s latest firmware had of course just been unveiled at the WWDC 2013 which kicked off a couple of days ago in San Francisco, and it’s just about to wrap up in the coming days ahead. You are able to watch the rest live online, I do believe, if you are interested. Also check out the wallpapers to deck out your IOS device with we posted up to get you in the WWDC spirit.