For the last few months the jailbreaking community were all biting nails about how difficult iOS was evidently becoming to exploit its firmware. That was then followed by popular iOS hacker Pod2g hitting Twitter to add his bit on what Apple should do to avoid customers jumping ship to Android and other competitors. Once Pod2g finally set some good minutes aside, it then didn’t take long for him to come up with a Jailbreak, proving that iOS is still venerable to exploits.

Just a few days ago we saw the release of the Evasi0n jailbreak tool. As soon as Evasi0n was released the servers went down. They did come back after a few minutes as you would expect, but it was a sure sign of just how popular jailbreaking still is today. Within 24 hours the Evasi0n tool had received 1.7 million downloads for either Windows, Mac or Linux. An amazing number, but also a sign of just how many people have been waiting for it to happen.

If you were wondering what Apple’s take is on all of this, well, it doesn’t seem to have changed. With the release of the Beta 1 coming out today, there’s little doubt Apple are full aware of the Evasi0n jailbreak tool that was released, and are now looking to counter strike by getting its users to upgrade which would subsequently kill the Jailbreak.

With that knowledge, if you are into jailbreaking, you won’t want to upgrade your firmware until told it’s OK officially by the iOS hackers. It shouldn’t really be a problem yet, with the release of the beta 1 being for developers only anyway. That said, if you are a developer, and would like to check out the firmware you will need to sign up to Apple’s developers program. Once you have done that you can then download the beta 1 from the developers center.