Google apps are the most important apps in any Android device, whether it’s phone or tablet. These come preloaded with all Android devices, whether it’s low, mid or a high-end device. This package includes all the basic apps provided by Google like Play Store, G Mail, Hangout, Google Sync (client to sync your contacts to your Google account), Google Maps, YouTube and Google search. And for all other Google apps like Google Music, Keep, Google docs, G Drive and Google Plus, you have to download these apps directly from Google play Store.

Custom ROM maker always makes their custom ROM without G apps which makes their custom ROM lighter and make it easier to upload on any online storage website. Cyanogen Mod, which is leading in custom ROM making also do this. So when you need to install these custom ROM on your phone, you need to download G apps package and install it on your phone.

CyanogenMod and Lollipop

This is a simple and easy trick to install all g apps without downloading this zip package. You need either cellular data or WiFi internet connection for this. You can just download and install this Google play store app on your phone and launch it from there. It will download Google services to your phone and now you have Google play store running on your phone. You can download and install all other Google apps for storing.

Links are given below, download the right package for your custom ROM version:

Steps to install G-Apps on your phone

  1. First download appropriate Google apps package from the links given above.
    – if you are using Android jelly Bean, you must download one of the Jelly Bean versions. Each Google apps package is made for a unique version of Android OS. Therefore, you must download the right file for you. The KitKat version won’t work if your custom ROM is based on Lollipop and so forth.
  2. Plug in your phone to your PC and transfer the downloaded package to your phone (do not extract this zip file).
  3. Now unplug your phone from PC and reboot it to recovery mode (should be custom recovery).
  4. In recovery tap on “Install” then”choose zip from SD card”, select the downloaded zip package and confirm to install.
  5. After that come back to main menu and tap on “reboot” then “system”.
  6. This will reboot your phone to OS mode and you can check app drawer for all installed Google apps.
  7. If you are facing any difficulty in downloading or installing Google apps on your phone, in that case you can contact us by our Contact US page.

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