One of the best things to do with Android has always been the modifications. Now there’s also a ton of cool apps that can assist you in that direction too. Really, the potential of apps is limitless and the future of apps should go a long way into the decades ahead.

Today a new app popped up onto the Google Play store that lets you download the Samsung galaxy S4 lock screen. This lock screen can then be used to mimic the S4 on any Android device, no matter what it is. The only thing that may exclude you from the conversation is if you are not running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or later in terms of an operating system. That should be most of you heading into the latter parts of 2013, though. If not, you may be able to upgrade your firmware to a newer version which would then give you access to this fantastic application.

Once you download the application, it will then transform your old lock screen into the S4 lock screen. Your old one will be gone unless you delete this app. After you do that the original one will appear again.

The app is made by an Asian developer and subsequently we can’t really see the official name it has been given. That is not too much of an issue, however, because they have transformed it into an English version, which simply reads the description. For that reason, you may have some difficulties locating it if you are living in the western world, or speak the English language far better than any Asian one. All of that doesn’t really matter if you plan on simply using the link which we have provided anyway.

The only question mark with thing of this nature is how well they end up being compatibility wise. Because of that, we have done some research and from what we can find out it all seems to run very smoothly and without any hassles.

There are a few options you have to set it up on. Apple the tick to the enable lock screen for the main one, but then there are also some other ones such as effects and shortcuts which really let you go into detail about replicating the real S4.

Download: Galaxy S4 Lockscreen for Android

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