The Moto X was one of my personal favorite devices of the year 2013. As a big Google fan and someone who plays around with a Motorola — even though they have generally struggled lately — it was a tandem I was immediately intrigued by. Then, of course, they made it a U.S.A exclusive device, which caused sadness to many onlookers around the world.

It wasn’t long before they announced that the rest of the world was not forgotten and they could be expecting a “similar” device coming their way. If you were anything like me, this was not a time to get excited, but rather cross fingers that the rest of the world version wasn’t too much of a shambles.

If we go back about a month ago, the new name was revealed for the new phone — the Motorola DVX. Then roughly a week ago we got a chance to take a look  at it, thanks to our first leg of what these mobiles would look like. The first impressions weren’t great, mostly due to the fact that the colors were ugly. That wasn’t too bad, though, because we knew it would be coming in more colors. Well, the colors have been put on hold for now, but we have a complete black front and rear shell of the Motorola DVX here today thanks to the FCC.

The FCC is a government funded program, which has been completely pulled down as of today since the shutdown that took place late yesterday evening. However, they didn’t pull the plug before the FCC managed to reveal these great leaks of the DVX which were found in certain documents.

As you can see, the picture shows a very similar shape, especially the rear where the Moto x had that distinct curve to it. If looks alone were anything to go by, there is a lot to like about the DVX if the Moto X was a device you loved the look of; they are basically one and the same when put side by side. The only noticeable differences are the speaker positions and some other minor adjustments. This is most likely due to the internal hardware being different, therefor it just makes sense to alter what can be altered on the outside. In many respects, this could be a good thing for its performance with the alterations.

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