There is no more popular rooting tool than the CF-Auto-Root tool for the Samsung range of smartphone and tablets. There is nearly a CF-Auto-Root tool out there available for every device from Samsung. Moreover, there are CF-Auto-Root tools available for the difference software versions.

CF-Auto-Root represents a one-click rooting tool that is developed by Chainfire. You might already be familiar with Chainfire’s work with the SuperSU that people often choose to flash from a custom recovery image in order to get the root access instead.

There are two reasons why people decide to use the one-click rooting tool and not the SuperSU from a custom recovery: they don’t want to have a custom recovery replacing the stock recovery image on the device, and they don’t have the chance to get a custom recovery image to replace the stock recovery because a custom recovery isn’t always available.

The most common way to get in control of the root user account is by installing the custom recovery (which often requires unlocking the bootloader first) and then flashing the SuperSU from the custom recovery as mentioned above. The reason it’s the most popular method for rooting is that it also gives people the chance to customize the device more by installing custom ROMs and custom kernels. Most people don’t understand that custom ROMs don’t require root access, though. These two things (custom recoveries and flashing SuperSU) are for two different things.

When you flash the SuperSU from the custom recovery, you are not then giving yourself a chance to install custom ROMs and custom kernels. All it is doing is then opening up the chance to start installing root apps. If it is custom ROMs or kernels that you want, you can install them as soon as you get the custom recovery installed on the device.

Many people don’t have any interest in installing a custom ROM though and all they want to do install root applications. That’s fair enough too because there are thousands of root apps that are useful to use on your device. If you are one of the people who just wants to install root apps, then you might opt to keep the stock recovery and just to flash the CF-Auto-Root tool.

The CF-Auto-Root tool ends up doing the same thing as flashing the SuperSU from the custom recovery partition anyhow which is having the SuperSU installed and enabled on the device. When you do it from a custom recovery, you are enabling the SuperSU in such a way that is not possible to do from the stock recovery or just installing the SuperSU from the Google Play Store. Likewise, when you flash the CF-Auto-Root, the rooting tool is installing a modified recovery that then allows for the correct enabling of the SuperSU on your device.

Both ways offer the same result which is the chance to install all root applications on your device. There are no root apps that will run on your device if you flashed the SuperSU from the custom recovery but will not run if you try running it after rooting with the one-click rooting tool. The only difference is the way you get there.

As for the CF-Auto-Root tool that runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, what you need to do is find the device model number that you have from the official CF-Auto-Root tool repository page. If your device’s latest update is the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, then you get to scroll down the list if model numbers until you find yours and the CF-Auto-Root tool file will be available there for your device.

Download: CF-Auto-Root for Android 6.0.1