When King, the makers of this game, came up with the idea to create Candy Crush Saga, few developers would have imagined it having the success it has today. The app has over 5 million reviews on the Google Play store alone just to give you an idea of how popular this puzzle game is. When I first tried out this game, it reminded me a lot of Bejeweled and my friends feel the same way. In many respects it does have a lot in common with it with being a “match-three” type puzzle game, but Candy Crush does create enough of a difference to separate itself and be completely addicting in its own right.

On February 26 Candy Crush Saga received another update for Android to version 1.25.0 and offers more fun for when you’ve finished all the game had to offer already. The new iteration comes with 3 new features including playing Sour Salon in the Candy Kingdom and use new levels, going to Dreamworld that lets the journey continue even further with Odus and Nerdy Nebula. Plus, there’s a new connection that lets you know when you have passed one of your friends on the map to help enhance the social experience.

Sour Salon


Playing candy Crush requires an operating system of Android 2.2 or higher. The application is free to download for everybody. You can get yours from the Google Plat store here or try your luck with the APK here.