The Broadcom MultiDownloader flashing tool is a computer application that allows you to flash stock firmware onto your mobile device.

There are flashing tools out there capable of flashing stock firmware files for every manufacturer. All you need to do is know which tool you can use. Some flashing tools are made to work for a particular manufacturer of devices such as the Odin flashing tool and Samsung while others will work for the device’s chipset brand. The Broadcom MultiDownloader is an example of the latter and will work for most devices that have a Broadcom system chip in the hardware.

This page contains the links to download all official versions of the Broadcom MultiDownloader tool.

Broadcom MultiDownloader Features

  • Flash Stock Firmware: You can use the Broadcom MultiDownloader flashing tool to flash stock firmware to your devices. There are some flashing tools out there that allow you to do more than just flashing stock ROMs, but those files can often be larger to download onto your computer. Thus, one of the upsides you get with the Broadcom MultiDownloader is its small file size.
  • Select USB Ports: You can use the Broadcom MultiDownloader to select the USB port that you want to use. For instance, if your computer has three USB ports, you can take your choice of which one you want to be assigned to the flashing tool. This helps if you are already using some USB ports and have your device connected to one that other flashing tools aren’t able to pick up.
  • Wipe Data: You can manually select if you want to wipe the user data or not before flashing the firmware. Make sure you don’t wipe the data if you still want to keep your pictures, music, video, documents, etc. on the smartphone.
  • Auto Shutoff: You can select whether or not you want the smartphone to turn itself off after the firmware flashing is complete from the settings. This way you don’t have to stand around and wait for the flashing yourself if you are battery conscious on the day or want to leave home.

The Broadcom MultiDownloader has been updated several times. We have all releases available. Install the most recent release (the higher the number, the more recent the release is) to ensure the best chance of compatibility for your device.

Download Broadcom MultiDownloader

You should always download the latest version of the Broadcom MultiDownloader flashing tool—signified by the higher version number next to the file name—unless you have a good reason not to. The later releases of these flashing tools can be compatible with more computer operating system versions, more mobile software, and may come with some bug fixes that make it better than its predecessors, too.

Take Into Account:

  • Compatibility: The Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool is only compatible with the Windows operating system. You may use any version of Windows from Windows XP through to the current Windows 10. The tool will also likely be compatible with future versions of Windows also, but you may need to source updated versions of the tool.
  • How To Use Broadcom MultiDownload: You can now check out how to use the Broadcom MultiDownloader tool to get full instructions on how to flash your firmware.
  • Alternative Drivers: If anything goes wrong with the drive, you can try installing the Universal ADB driver instead.
  • Official Tool: The official Broadcom Corporation develops the Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool.