Most Dell computers, including the popular XPS 13 and 15 ranges, come with a preinstalled Dell Support Assist application. Support Assist offers users a simple way of keeping the computer up to date with drivers, BIOS updates, and other fixes that are automatically taken care of by Dell.

Many users like to remove what they consider to be “bloatware” after they buy a new computer, but apps like Support Assist can save you a lot of trouble in the long run and will be a direct result in users having fewer problems for the duration of the PCS life. But unfortunately for Dell, it has recently been discovered that the current version of Support Assist comes with a vulnerability, that leaves users exposed to attacks from hackers.

According to Dell, a patch for the problem is already on its way, but as of right now, there are still many computers without it. Rather than deleting the app from your computer and reinstalling it later, perhaps be careful with what you do on your PCs before the patch arrives. It should be rolling out to your machine soon.

If you prefer, you can delete and then reinstall Support Assist quite easily as well. You’ll need to download it from the Dell website.