It hasn’t been easy trying to create a list of the best custom ROMs for the Samsung A300H because the custom firmware is often model number specific and the A300H is only one of the many model numbers for the Samsung Galaxy A3 2015. However, I was able to locate at least one ROM and thought I may as well add it for the world’s sake as well as to avoid my own confusion in the future.


  • Sometimes people install custom firmware because they are unsatisfied with the stock Android for various reasons. If you think updating to the latest available stock firmware may be what you prefer instead of custom firmware, you can use one of the free Samsung firmware update tools to download it. Once you have it on your computer, flash it with Odin.
  • This list is by no means every custom firmware for the Samsung A300H necessarily.
  • You need to install custom firmware from a custom recovery image. You should hard reset from the custom recovery and wipe the cache before flashing any custom firmware here.

Lineage 16.0

The Lineage 16.0 custom ROM is available for the Samsung SM-A300H. The download is on a cloud storage site without an official thread. It has been labeled on the cloud storage site as an unofficial build, which would be the reason the link is on cloud storage and not the LineageOS website.

Download: LineageOS 16.0

LineageOS 15.1

LineageOS 15.1 is an unofficial build. It used to have a thread on XDA but has since been removed according to the broken link I followed. Subsequently, there is no download link to share. If you know where to find this ROM, please leave a comment! (I won’t add the broken link for obvious reasons.)

LineageOS 14.1

LineageOS 14.1 is an unofficial build, meaning not actually made for the Samsung SM-A300H by the LineageOS team. However, this was installed by many people. The XDA thread has 96 pages of comments which is as many as I’ve ever seen. This has been reserved since the beginning of 2017 and this phone came out in 2015. So people were installing LineageOS 14.1 to upgrade the firmware to newer versions that weren’t officially released.

Download: LineageOS 14.1

AOSP 5.1.1

The AOSP 5.1.1 custom ROM is self-eplanatory: custom firmware based on Android 5.1.1. This one is nowhere near as popular as LineageOS as you would expect and it does have a list of known issues outlined by one ROM installer.

Download: AOSP 5.1.1

Resurrection Remix-N

There is a Resurrection Remix-N available for the SM-A300H according to XDA member Falaysia, but it doesn’t have its own thread. Falaysia points to Hassan_Sardar as the user who offered the file. We do not know how reliable this ROM is. And I assume the “N” in the title stands for Nightly build.

Download: Resurrection Remix-N

Those are all the custom ROMs for the Samsung SM-A300H smartphone we know of at the moment. Please leave comments regarding any more leads.