You can use Windows Vista’s Task Scheduler to automate tasks at certain times so you don’t have to physically be present to begin them yourself. Admittedly, the Task Scheduler is mostly used by Windows admins, but to those who do use it, it is very useful.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to create a task in Task Scheduler when using a version of the Windows Vista operating system.

How to Create Task in Task Scheduler in Windows Vista

Open by typing taskschd.msc into the search field in the taskbar and double-clicking on the app. You can also find it in the Control Panel via Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.

In the left pane of the Task Scheduler window, double-click on Task Scheduler Library.

In the right pane of the same window, double-click on New Folder.

Enter the name of the new folder and then click OK.

You will notice the folder you created now visible in the left pane. Highlight it by clicking on it once.

Look in the right pane of the same window and click on Create Task…

In the General Tab, you can enter a name and description for the new task you plan to schedule.

In the Triggers tab, click on the New button.

Click on the Begin the task drop-down menu and then select which task you would like to automate.

Use Settings to choose how often you would like the new task to run.

Once you’ve entered the schedule, click on the OK button to save it. You will notice in the triggers tab your new task has been scheduled to run and its status is set to Enabled.

If you want, you can also use the Actions tab to select up to 32 available actions you would like the task to perform when it runs. If you want an Action, you click on the New button at the bottom of the window and then select the actions you would like to be associated with your scheduled task.

The Conditions tab lets you choose which circumstances the task will run under. These are not compulsory but rather special conditions you may want to select under idle conditions, power conditions, and network conditions categories.

The last tab is the Settings tab. Here you will find various checkboxes to select and also drop-down menus. From the drop-down menu, you can choose rules that apply when the task is already running.

In conclusion, that is how to create a task using the Task Scheduler in Windows Vista.