The Chrome browser has been updated to version 96.0.4664.18. This update to the Dev channel was released on October 21, 2021.

Chrome Dev 96.0.4664.18

Chrome Dev 96.0.4664.18 has refreshed the avatars by fixing the regression on the discard old image button. Google says this version also fixes the folder select icon background in Dark Mode. Google says this version will begin recording when a user disables AutoDark for a specific site through the app menu item. Google says this version solves Canvas PDF Printing failure for very large/many images. Google says this version fixes the touch target size for the tab action button. There are also many other changes that you can read up on here: chromium / chromium / src / 96.0.4664.9..96.0.4664.18.

To update Chrome, open the browser and head to Settings and more > Help > About Google Chrome. The browser will then automatically check for updates. If you have just opened Chrome, the browser will have automatically updated when it was closed.

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