When we get a firmware released pushed out by Apple, and every other company like Android, they are always (and I mean always) filled with bugs. It’s given to us as if it’s something we should expect to see, and as users we just accept it. But is Apple getting off too lightly? Have you ever stopped to think of what problems these bugs could cause people around the world that rely on the technology in their daily lives.

This short film called ‘Cause Of Death’ puts a comical twist on what could be some of the most horrific moments one could be living out with the IOS 7 firmware running on iPhone.

iOS 7 was known to have a lot of issues with it, from iMessages playing up to poor app compatibility, there hasn’t been a dull moment. Things are finally starting to calm down now since we have seen the third update since its first release, and that could well be the reason that we can afford to sit back and laugh now.

Watch it in full here:

Via: BGR