If you thought slide-out QWERTY keyboard feature phones were dead think again. Kyocera just released the Verve, and while we love the name of this new handset, we are not big on the final product.

In today’s world, there are only two types of people that I know that prefer to go with the feature phone. There is those that are old as my grandparents who wouldn’t have a clue how to navigate around a modern day smartphone and there are the young teenagers. I say young because even most teens have Smartphones bought for them if not with their own money.

On that note, I have no conception how a new Kyocera QWERTY keyboard Verve has any demand at all. They say this device is perfect for those whom text SMS a lot. Well, I do not know about you, but my grandparents sure don’t do that. I know what they do: struggle a heck of a lot to press the small, awkward keys properly just to try unlock a modern day feature phone. It would be wise while to enhance the buttons and positioning to make it more user friendly than to focus on trying to come up with a new reason for a feature phone to exist.

There are three different phone carriers who will be offering this phone up. Sprint will release it in gray and pink on April 11 and it can be bought either online from their website, shipments and telesales. Boost Mobile also has this one in Navy-Blue and they are offering it with a new no-contract deal where customers will pay $49.99 monthly instead. Virgin has also got in on this phone, however, they are calling it the Kyocera Contact.

Out of all of them we like the Boost option in navy-blue the best.

In case you did not know, the new Kyocera Verve has a 2.4-TN-TFT display, a QSC 6155 system chip, 2MP auto-focus snapper, 512MB of internal storage that runs on 256MB RAM. If you are used to looking at a smartphone then you will likely have nearly fallen off your chair when you saw the storage space being so low. Because it is a feature phone there is no apps or iTunes connection to chew up all of the storage. Even though the specs leave a lot to be desired, it should have enough for why it is made.

Where Kyocera is expecting this handset to find success is in its affordability. For what it is, it will go down as one of the better priced mobiles and when people shop for this thing that is exactly what they want. It is all about the price.
Via: Sprint

Or for more on the Boost deal that I specifically mention you can head here: Boost Mobile. We like Boost when it comes to this kind of mobile because of our recent memories with the Kyocera Coast and the Samsung transform Ultra, both of which mastered the slide out style QWERTY nicely.