We have now been lucky enough to witness the release of several Smartwaches — arguably the biggest one being the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Instead of rushing to beat each other, some companies like Apple and HTC opted to let Samsung go ahead and have first place; they would rather wait and bring something out that had more features than what we see in today’s watches.

When looking at concepts — which is all that we have to go on because Apple’s designs are behind closed doors — we see nothing but bulky and square watches, but this could be all about to change. One thing I have always said is why would Apple be bringing out a squarish looking watch when all of their devices are round? Am I missing something? Why the knock-ups always includes big 90 degree corners I’m not sure, but they have. One idea might be that they simply would have no choice, because as it is, they are already trying to squash things inside of the smallest amount of real estate possible. When something is round, this becomes a lot more difficult because generally the hardware isn’t going to fit that simply. However, there’s always room for a what-if.

A patent which is found out by sources suggests that Apple will have Bluetooth on board as a feature in their smart watch. If Bluetooth is inside, this could mean a smaller battery, and it is the battery that takes up a huge part of the space.

Via: 9to5Mac