Antivirus is the most common thing that everyone needs installed on his computer. An Antivirus helps you to detect the viruses, malware, spyware on your computer and then to remove them. With the latest antiviruses, you can quickly run the virus scan in the background, and the antivirus automatically finds the viruses on your PC and removes them. If you do not want a virus infected file to be deleted, then you can disinfect it or move it to quarantine.


There are so many antivirus software available in the market; some are free while some are not. It depends on the work you are doing, if you are just using your PC at home with simple daily tasks, then you can choose to go with any free antivirus, and it will be good enough to protect your PC from the viruses.

Here is the Free AVG Antivirus, which will help you to get rid of the viruses from your PC. You can download and install this antivirus using the link given at the end of this article.

avg (1)

AVG Free AntiVirus has been an excellent antivirus for the users. Even if it is a free version, it just works like a premium version and allows you to detect as well as remove the viruses from your PC. It does not slow down your computer while it is scanning. Thus you can better concentrate on your work, and the AVG will do its best to detect the viruses. Besides viruses, it can also detect the malware with its high detection capability. The setup file of the AVG Antivirus is the light-weight, and it runs faster to give you more time for other works.

Download: AVG Free AntiVirus

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