These are the best custom ROMs for the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone. The Xperia ZR is the successor to the original Sony Xperia Z. While newer than the original, the Xperia ZR is still getting older now and the updates are inevitably slowing. You can solve that problem by installing a custom ROM.

Since the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone is one of the most popular to date under the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation’s name, it has some of the better custom ROMs available from popular names such as Mokee, Resurrection Remix, crDroid and Carbon.

Sony Xperia ZR

Note: Make sure you check what model number the custom ROM is made for from the download links. Whenever we create a post such as this one, it means the model numbers are all thrown into the same article. Don’t assume that all custom ROMs will work for all model numbers. Each download link will mention what model number the ROM is for somewhere on the page, either in the custom ROM thread title or the original post closer to the download link. If you still don’t see it there then have a read of some comments or leave a comment yourself if you aren’t sure, and the custom ROM poster or other people subscribed to the thread will help you out.

Files You Need

  1. You must root the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone before you can install most custom ROMs on the device.
  2. You must install a custom recovery on the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone before you can upload your custom ROM zip files.
  3. You can install a Google Gapps package if you want to run the Google stock apps with your new custom ROM on the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone.


The official CyanogenMod custom ROM is made for the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone. The CyanogenMod team make the most popular custom ROMs in the world. If you aren’t sure about the other options on the list, we suggest installing this CyanogenMod custom ROM on your device.

Download: CyanogenMod (official)

eXistenZ v1.0.0

The eXistenZ custom ROM is the ROM you want to try out on the Sony Xperia ZR smartphone. The ROM is based on latest eXistenZ available with all the Xperia Honami application.

Features: new Phonebook, phone and dialer, calendar, email, conversations, home and status bar, widgets, clocks, walkman, album and notes, camera, settings, Xperia Honami Framework.

Download: eXistenZ v1.0.0


The crDroid team are great at what they do which is build premium custom ROMs based on CyanogenMod but given some additional features that make them unique and set them apart. According to the community, crDroid custom ROMs will always be based on CyanogenMod and that’s a great thing considering CyanogenMod are the largest name in the business. The ultimate goal of crDroid is to give users a new ROM that is more stable and reliable over the stock ROM that comes with your device when you open it out of the box or install over the air updates.

Features: stable, fast, reliable, advanced reboot menu, privacy guard, quick delete screenshots, status bar brightness control, CyanogenMod profiles.

Download: crDroid (Android 5.1.1 Lollipop)

Mokee 5.1

The Mokee community make a custom ROM based on CyanogenMod, giving users the best performance and reliability possible. The aim is very similar to that of the crDroid custom ROM where they want to give users a better experience than the stock ROM and not upgrade with new features. With that being said, the Mokee ROM in this post is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and does a pretty good job at upgrading the Sony Xperia ZR too.

Features: based on CyanogenMod 12.1,

Download: Mokee 5.1

Carbon ROM

The Carbon ROM is based on the Android Open Source Project and CyanogenMod. These ROMs are heavily based on CyanogenMod, with CyanogenMod framework, device trees, setting modifications and more.

Features: based on CyanogenMod, Active Display, Carbon fibres, Quick Launch, fast, stable, reliable.

Download: Carbon ROM

Nexus Style

You can try the Nexus Style custom ROM that is ported and based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The ROM now comes complete with the Nexus boot animation to give you that ultimate nexus feel right from pressing the Power button.

Features: based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, Nexus boot animation, loads more.

Download: Nexus Style

PureX Z v1.0

The PureX Z custom ROM is based on the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop that originally came out for the Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The ROM comes with most Xperia Z5 stock apps so you get that Xperia Z5 feel.

Features: Fully Deodexed and without the Play Store bug, Patched Services jar, Fully rooted and with the latest SuperSU, Fully Working Init.d Support, Stock Kernel Integrated to ROM, long list of Sony Xperia Z5 stock apps like the Xperia Z5 Calculator, Xperia Z5 Setup Wizard, Xperia Z5 Smallapps Launcher, Xperia Z5 Media Sounds, Xperia Z5 My Xperia and loads more.

Download: PureX version 1.0