The HTC Desire X is a great smartphone as it comes straight out of the box. The thing is that its true power is hidden beneath the stock firmware and Sense UI. To reveal the true power of your HTC Desire X we have something for help you. Custom ROMs are the only way to change your phone to something new and increase the performance of your smartphone. But the question is which custom ROM to use? Don’t worry as I have done all the hard work for you and bring you the list of all those custom ROMs which work best on your HTC Desire X device — they don’t even have the smallest bug in them! But before going there, make sure to read the below points.


Files You Need

  • You must have a custom recovery installed on the HTC Desire X before you can flash a custom ROM on the device.


This build of MIUI V5 ROM is unofficial build but it have all the right things still in it like the interface and thee features. This custom ROM have i minor bug which you can’t notice if i don’t tell you about it. This custom ROM is good for daily driver so it would be good if you try it once.

Features: Android 4.4 Kit Kat based, Chinese apps and glitches removed, all the bloatwares removed, iPhone-like app drawer (no home screens), Google Play store and all other Google apps installed and lot more customization options.

Download: MIUI V5 ROM

My Sense ROM:

My Sense custom ROM will improve your overall mobile experience without changing the whole interface so you don’t have to learn the new interface again. This custom ROM contains the latest Sense UI which will feel familiar to you with latest interface.

Features: Use Desire X stock ROM as base, latest custom kernel for better performance, rooted and busy box installed, init.d support, multilingual full WWE, deodexed and zip aligned for more stability and performance, HTC Sense UI 5.0 with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Download: My Sense ROM

My One dx RC 4.0:

My One dx custom ROM is HTC One smart phone themed custom ROM with some of the right features of it. My One dx ROM is installed with HTC Sense UI 4.1 lite for fast and smooth user experience. Lot more features to explore from settings menu.

Features: Fully themed with Sense UI 5 icons, apps, widgets and settings, tabbed dialer, Sense 4 style recent apps, EQS and APM, aipaligned system apks, busy box installed, rooted with chain fire super SU, rosie with menu button support, ini.d icon support.

Download: My One dx RC 4.0 ROM

Paranoid Android:

If you love customization and always tangled in it then you should try this custom ROM once on your phone because this custom ROM is highly customize-able. You can customize almost all parts of the user interface which is visible there. PA ROM is also light weight and fast.

Features: Based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Phone/Tablet UI chooser, no bloat wares, zip aligned, deodexed,

Download: Paranoid Android ROM

ViMiRo ROMs:

Vimiro ROM is a custom ROM based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat for better and smooth performance. Vimiro ROM have some good features and tweaks which no custom ROM offers. This is the first build of Vimiro custom ROM so you may expect some more features in future updates.

Features: Android 4.4 Kit Kat, init.d support, swap 150 mb, keyboard from cherils, reduced artifacts, status bar and navigation bar customization, increased range WiFi, reduced heating bug, energy consumption, under-volting, deleted HTC hub, AOSP recent apps.

Download: ViMiRo custom ROM

SkyDragon V2.2:

SkyDragon V2.2 is a good custom ROM with Sense UI and lots of unique features. The best thing about this custom ROM is that it comes with AROMA installer, which means you can choose what to install in an easy and dynamic way.

Features: SkyDragon Store with lots of new features to download from, OTA updates, APM-EQS, bug free, smooth, AROMA installer, heavily tweaked, extreme RAM handling, ICS recent apps, Root, project butter, trebuchet launcher, stable, reliable, SkyDragon mods.

Download: Sky Dragon V2.2 ROM

SuperSENSE dx5:

SuperSENSE dx5 is the best custom ROM of all, its has some better features and user interface. You will love this custom ROM if you try it once, this ROM all that you need in a custom ROM, performance, good interface and super good battery.

Features: Android 4.4 Kit Kat, status bar customization, navigation bar on/off, status bar tinting, ART enabled, init.d support, build.prop tweaks, customize-able app drawer, better performance, smooth interface, RAM management, better storage, titanium backup installed.

Download: SuperSENSE dx5 ROM

Android Open Kang Project

The Android Open Kang Project doesn’t get as much attention these days as it did back in the time when the HTC Desire X smartphone was first released, but it’s still a pretty good custom ROM for you to install. The Android Open Kang project, often abbreviated as AOKP for short, is one of the three custom ROMs that is featured in the PAC-Man custom ROMs. The PAC-Man custom ROMs are some of the most popular ROMs in the world for anyone to install. There is a reason why the developers of MAC-Man decided to choose AOKP as being part of the ROM and that is because they have some very good features.

In addition to the AOKP that is obviously a part of this ROM, it is also based on CyanogneMod. Not many people know exactly what CyanogenMod features are available in the ROM because CyanogenMod never listed their features anywhere online and prefered people just use the ROMs instead. Perhaps that is partly to blame for why they are not making custom ROMs anymore. The Android Open Kang Project custom ROM for the HTC Desire X smartphone is based on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software update.

Download: Android Open Kang Project ROM

Google Apps:

Google apps are all the Google related apps like Google Play Store, You Tube, G Mail and more which keeps your phone running, without these your phone is no more a smart phone. Google apps package is normally like the custom ROM zip file which can be installed exactly you install a custom ROM using a recovery. Why they don’t embed Google apps to custom ROM directly? because they have to upload that custom ROM and to make it easier so you can download them. If you are still confused how to install them then just go here and you’ll get to know everything about it.

Download: Google apps package

Custom ROMs always be helpful to reveal the true power of your smartphone, so if you also want to see the true power that your phone holds then install a custom ROM from this list to your HTC Desire X.