Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge is the most powerful smartphone available today in the smartphone market. So if you have any, then you should do some extraordinary with yours, and I have some custom ROM so you can transform your phone into something else. Installing a custom ROM on your Android device changes the software running on your device to something different. You can also do that y choosing one of the ROM provided below.

You have to root your phone first and also install a custom recovery like TWRP so you will be able to install a custom ROM on your phone. Make sure that you are very careful while installing these custom ROMs on your phone if you did not then don’t worry; you have a way back to your phone but for that first, you need to make a backup before installing a custom ROM. Making a backup of custom ROM is like making a system restore in Microsoft Windows that is very helpful while doing this kind on the unofficial process with your phone.

Here’s the list of all the custom ROM provided below:

Alliance ROM:

This custom ROM will give you what you want in a phone. So this ROM is simple and customize-able so you can make your phone as personal as you want, even you can change the color of toggles to the color you want. If this sounds like you, then go on and download this ROM and install it on your phone.

Features: Based on Android 5.0.2, 20+ pre-built themes, Alliance Manager, OTA updates, Cyanogen Mods torch, increased message limit per hour, enables scheduled messaging.

Download Alliance ROM

Atrium v 1.0 Custom ROM:

This custom ROM is a very simple custom ROM to make your phone even faster and stable. Nothing crash in this custom ROM and this custom ROM do not have any bugs going around. If this ROM describes you, then you should download and try this ROM at least one on your device.

Features: Based on latest official T- Mobile few, deodexed, zip aligned, init.d support, display SMS time as the server, recipient limit raised to 999, disabled SMS 2 MMS conversion, added ability to edit app’s, scheduled SMS sending, flashable add-ons, Google bloat removed.

Download Atrium ROM

Chr0nic’s Modded MM v1.7.3:

A custom ROM with a all the Samsung features intact with a twist of more features and smooth performance. The developer removed all the unwanted bloat wares which you don’t to use or ever wants to use. The user interface of this custom ROM has been highly tweaked to make it look more funky and stylish. Some features has been added which you see in CyanogenMod custom ROMs like

Stock ROM:

What’s better than stock ROM, whenever you got stuck in a situation where you have a phone with a black screen nothing else then there comes stock ROM to rescue you in that situation. Stock ROM will revert your phone back to the normal and previous state, and this one also PREROOTED!