If you have the Motorola Moto X on the carrier AT&T there is a new update you can install. This update is called the ghost row update and if that isn’t enough to scare your pants off maybe the features will.

We don’t normally get names such as this to go with the upgrade. Normally it is just a number, which in this case is the 139.12.57.

Motorola Moto X

The update should have only one way of getting to you, which is OTA.


If it has popped up via your notification center, simply follow the link through to where it says download. Then, if you click it should start to upgrade it automatically for you.

This is a great one to have, as it comes along with some features you will want to have.

If transferring content from earlier phones really gets on your nerve, there is a new inclusion on this upgrade that will help you out. Essentially, it is designed to make this whole process easier.

If touch controls is more your thing, keep smiling because it has those too. Extra enhances will have improved the response and sensitivity to control option.

Other devices have dished out some stern competition by the means of camera features. With that being said Motorola seemed to have noticed that, and they have added some extra goodies in the camera department for the Moto X as well. Now there are extras to allow you to take your snaps much quicker and switch over to different modes easier and more efficiently.

(Source: Moto website)

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