The US-based mobile operator AT&T has recently announced a Lollipop update to ever-famous HTC One M7. The device users should expect to OTA update to arrive today. Also the Vice President of Product Management at HTC, Mo Versi has confirmed this verdict by a tweet.

@LindsayCallende Hi Lindsay, M7 has been received. OTA to start tomorrow. M8 scheduled for 4/6. Thanks.

— Mo Versi (@moversi) March 30, 2015

HTC One M7

Android 5.0 or better known as Android Lollipop gives this device just stupendous and really awesome features. Ranging from the cool customization and personalization to really fluid speed and unprecedented speed.

So what really the Lollipop version has is because of its fabulous features including smart notifications, better accessibility, better native battery support that means longer and powerful battery life, multi-user support, guest mode, screen pinning, better lockscreen and quick settings toggle. Furthemore, there’s still a powerful media and high, increased connectivity support with better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with rapid speed, priority mode, smart lock, intelligent notification ranking and continued. With these all features, surely the HTC One M7 is going to be better as it was before.

Another great feature I remind of the Android Lollipop update for the Verizon HTC One M7 which is the ART or the Android RunTime which has replaced the older Dalvik which was slower and resulted in decreased performance. Google, the official owner of Android states that Android RunTime will give great and stronger performance. ART enhances improves the Performance so that the device works better.

Like other all the OTA update releases, this update too is released in phases, which means that only a small percentage of people would receive this update. But, no need to worry as the update is going nowhere and is to stay until all the HTC One M7s are geared with the latest Lollipop update. The users will receive the update before the end of next month.

Mind that the update is only for stock devices with stock ROMs or firmware, you will not receive the update if your device is flashed with custom ROM or firmware that is different from the Stock one.