Asus are a manufacturer we haven’t heard of in a while and they have done enough to keep us all interested in this latest promo they released two days ago. You can watch the trailer in its entirety below but as you do look out for the punchline that reveals the answer to what the “next incredible thing” will be. Spoiler: They drop the ‘g’ off the end of the word thing and it turns into thin. To me that leaves little doubt that Asus are coming out with a very thin smartphone.

Asus next incredible thing

As fantastic as that sounds, keep in mind that the dimensions that we see today are not necessarily as thin as they could be. Part of design is also practicality and if you hold a super-thin device it can be harder. What we really want to see is them getting as light as possible because we carry them around all day and nobody wants a heavy handset in their pockets. Moreover, the weight does not matter how it feels to hold up to the head and hold a conversation with. Anyhow, Asus feel as though smartphones of today need to get thinner and I’m not saying for one second that they don’t have a case. You should never talk badly about something until you try it and try it I haven’t. I’m also all for new things as they are the driving force behind my blogging passion.

Funnily enough not every blog is reporting as viewing this as we did. Some are offering other suggestion that it is more focussed around the writing more so than anything else. Some were even referring to the Sony Digital paper as if this promo is more about writing.

Reports suggest the real thing will be unveiled on the 2nd of June when the Computex 2014 event is coming to us live from Taiwan.

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