The iPod component of Apple’s product family has been thought of as largely dormant for quite some time, but Apple has come out with a surprise to refute that point. That surprise is a brand new iteration of the iPod touch, already available for purchase.

After a year plus long hiatus, the iPod touch is back with a litany of renewed internals. Surprising as it is, the move makes quite a bit of sense. With the release of a 6th generation iPod touch, Apple is able to reach individuals who may not need a full-fledged phone or parents searching for a smartphone-like device for their teens and tweens.

iPod Touch 6

Improvements include the A8 Processor chip, which was included in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Here, Apple took a detour from their previous strategy of placing a previous gen processor in the touch. Still, due some limitations, such as the single gigabyte of RAM, of the device, the A8 is underclocked and not operating at full power.

The iSight, as Apple has dubbed it, camera is an 8 megapixel shooter, less than most high-end smartphones, but, likely, quite capable. Another interesting component of the iPod Touch is the M8 motion coprocessor, which should allow for highly accurate fitness tracking.

The 4-inch display is a curious, to some, step backwards from some when coupled with these modern specs. Still, the touch is clearly a calculated effort by Apple to widen its group of users. Consumers looking for a solid gaming and music device made by Apple would likely best be served by this new device. If you manage to grab one, comment below and tell us how you like the new iPod touch.