New leaked images have surfaced thanks to the Chinese based tech site, CTechCn today, which show off what appears to be the official iPhone 5S box it will come in. This new leak shows the brand new Home button which has a ring around it. This is the fingerprint scanner which will be inside.

This will all be revealed at the Apple event which is being held on the 10th of September. The event will be one of the biggest in Apple’s history as it will be unveiling two iPhones this year — the 5S and 5C.

It isn’t all just about fingerprints, though. Many users were upset with the lack of extra battery, Power the earlier model has. This was clear before that launch event had even finished from those watching via web cast.

This time around Apple have done something about it. The 5S will have a longer lasting battery on board. The new mobile will also do a bit of everything better including a better A7 processor than ever before.