If you are on the T-Mobile network thanks to one of their subscription plans or prepaid services you will be getting a fresh update that upgrades the software to a new 4.4.4 KitKat number. We this number from hitting many other handsets and we can tell you that it is a minor update. Moreover, it is the final number before we see the big jump up to the Android L that is now out as a developer preview only. There’s a great chance we see that release along with the new range of galaxy Nexus smartphones shortly.

Motorola’s doing a fantastic job at keeping their ‘Moto” smartphone range updated with the latest software including the Moto G and E variants. We know that for less than $100 these days people can shop for last years Moto G now and the newly Lenovo owned company have guaranteed that the Android L software will be coming its way. Furthermore, it already is running the final stages of KitKat which puts it ahead of some of the biggest smartphone names out there including the Galaxy S5.

Android KitKat Ninja Turtle

It’s difficult to say what will come to the owners of the Moto X in this update since phone carriers elected to skip numbers and include other features in different build numbers. Therefore, it isn’t as straight forward and saying 4.4.4 has this inside. In addition, we are calling this the ‘silent’ update since there is no mention of it from any of the official support pages. That means we are not seeing a change-log issued anywhere. The only reason we know it is rolling out right now is because people who own the T-mobile version of the mobile are sitting it arrive as a system notification.

Please remember if you are situated away from the home or a stable WiFi connection to let this one pass through to the devices settings panel instead of confirming the installation process. We recommend this to skip the influx of data traffic from other phones connecting and downloading just like you. Instead, navigate your way to the Settings > About Device > System Updates > Check for Updates and install it that way once you are connected to a WiFi network.

Traditionally speaking, the 4.4.4 number comes with battery life enhancements, WiFi and email improvements, bug fixes and users will also get to experience a faster and smoother ROM. Android always make that commitment, so regardless if you are experiencing any bugs or not there is always that reason to upgrade.

If you are already using the new version of the software, please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Did you find relief from the problems your handset was suffering from or is it still there?

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