The Google Nexus 7 LTE 2013 KTU84L Android 4.4.3 firmware file is available for Verizon subscribers to download direct inside this post after the OTA commenced proceeding the other day. The over the air update is still connecting to eligible devices, and it will issue a system notification when it arrives. People can either choose to download it then and there after you accept the notification or postpone it for later. If you opt to postpone the update, you have to navigate to Settings > About Device and check for the software update. If you get lost and cannot find where to do that you can go to the Google Play Store and download the Nexus update checker, and it will inform you if there is any new firmware ready for installation.

It can be confusing with so much firmware and software issued to Android handsets exactly where we stand. We know that Android L Develop Preview is live after being showcased at the Google I/O event the last few weeks and Android 4.4.4 is already live for a few select handsets too. They way it seems to be is that the further we head toward the Android L from Android 4.4.2 the smaller the features are going inside these updates. Even though this is one full increment behind what some other handsets are getting, it isn’t a huge deal because the next step up from here is very minor and focuses on a few security fixes.

Nexus 7 blue box

The sound news is that the Big Red are the first phone carrier issuing the Nexus 7 2013 LTE 4.4.3 update out of all the possible subscribers. The rest will follow in quick succession after this so if you have any friends on the other carriers tell them to check back in and take a gander if it is their turn yet.

So lets run through a few of the changes. The Easter Egg is slightly altered to feature the new name on the logo. It has a new dialer with different colours, the avatar for friends in contacts is a different shape. The WiFi, camera and widget problems are solved, there’s also a tonne of additional bug fixes inside. The battery life is a lot better now too.

Don’t neglect to backup the data on your tablet before installing the file. Backup contacts or sync them with the Google account. Make copies of the photos, music and videos so that you don’t squander any of them if you have to conduct a full factory reset down the track. You can use stock recovery for this installation so apps such as helium work great for backing up market applications and other data too.

We’ll post a full guide on how to install the new firmware later today. If you want to rush ahead it and have experience in the field already then we have no problem letting you do that. It needs ADB sideload, stock recovery and pulling up the ‘adb sideload update.zi’p’from The command line. Like I said, we’ll break that all down for you properly very soon so stay tuned.

Download the KTU84L OTA firmware update zip file here.

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