Now that we know how Nokia loves to do its numbering schemes we know that anything listed around the 500’s will be in the mid-range category. So with knowing that, we know that the 521 will be right there, and it is. Now, as far as prices go, $79.95 is far from the middle of the packs of when we see places like Amazon and Wal-Mart is selling this for that price we know it’s a great deal. Before you get too excited, there is obviously a reason for the price drop — it isn’t brand new anymore. It still is though, in our pinion, a deal well worth snapping up this holiday season for anybody you know in need of a mobile Smartphone for Christmas.

The Lumia 521 was very popular earlier on in the year that it was sold by Metro PCS and T-mobile as well as the usual main carriers. It did so well that HSN ran out of stock, and it wasn’t until late May that saw it come back in. Metro PCS was the carrier that offered this one the cheapest at $99.00. When we compare that to the price now it doesn’t seem like a very big price cut. However, it’s important to note that other carriers like HSN dropped their price to $129.00. That’s after the sale price coming in Q3 of 2013.

Wal-Mart has always sold this phone right from the beginning, but it is jumping in on the same price sale as Amazon as we head into the last couple of weeks before the big day.

This was one of the hottest selling handsets out there after its release. It also propelled Windows Phone figures on a global scale and helped them gain record shares.