Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a high-end device with lots and lots of features but Samsung always ships its smartphones with many bloatware like Accu weather widget, photo table, Kies, Kies WiFi, All share and much more. These bloatware makes your phone to lag sometimes because these bloatware always run in the background and consume most of the RAM. To get rid of these bloatware you have delete them using any bloat ware removing tool or something and you can’t rely on those third-party applications because they might brick up your phone or steal your personal data. So, what’s the other way of get rid of them? Installing custom ROMs, because custom ROMs have only the pure Android without any substitute and will give you a better performance than the stock firmware. That’s why, what I have here is a list of best custom ROMs for your Galaxy Note 4 so you can have the best of your phone. Before installing custom ROM on your phone you need to do a lot of work, first you need to root your device (One click root for Galaxy note 4) then you have to install a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP (Install TWRP on Galaxy note 4). Recovery is the main source for installing custom ROM on your device because stock recovery that came pre-installed is not capable of flashing any zip file to your phone. Whenever you want to install a custom ROM on your phone make sure that your phone is charged to at least 70% of battery because custom ROM installation takes a lot of battery juice and your phone should not get off during the installation process.

  1. Dr Ketan ROM

Dr Ketan ROM is Samsung galaxy S6 themed custom ROM, the ROM is stable, has no bugs and beautifully themed. You will get uncountable number of features and mods inside the settings menu. Features: There are more than 250 fonts available in this ROM, launcher has about 6 themes, flash light option in quick toggle, 360 degree rotation and much more. Dr Ketan's ROM Download Dr Ketan ROM

  1. Resurrection Remix 5.5.2

Everyone knows about Resurrection remix custom ROMs, these are the most stable and fast custom ROM on internet available for limited devices. This is an official build of Resurrection Remix custom ROM based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Features: status bar tweaks, material design, hardware keys configurator, quick stings tiles can be rearranged, swipe across status bar to control brightness. Resurrection remix Download Resurrection Remix 5.5.2

  1. Alliance ROM

Alliance ROM is for you if you like themes and want to theme your device just like the Marvel Avengers edition of Samsung Galaxy S6. This ROM has 18 themes to pay with including the Tron theme. Features: Preloaded themes (told you already), OTA update available and working, lots of UI customizable options. Alliance ROM Download Alliance ROM.

  1. S5 ROM (Galaxy S5 themed custom ROM)

As the name says this custom ROM is Samsung Galaxy S5 themed and debloated so you can use your phone in a better and faster way. KNOX also has been removed so you will not be able to use Samsung pay further. Features: Build.prop tweaks, rooted with busy box installed, based on stock Note 4 firmware, write to SD card, all the bloatware removed. S5 ROM Download S5 ROM

  1. Robomix V3.0

This custom ROM is one and only Xposed installer supported custom ROM. This ROM is very light with all the bloatware removed to make this very ROM light and simple. This ROM is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. Features: Deodexed, 5 way boot menu, multi window with all apps supported, 3Minit battery mod, fixed memory leak, added torch toggle at quick settings tiles. Alliance Download Robomix ROM

  1. Unofficial AICP (Android Ice Cold Project)

Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) is an unofficial build from EmoTroid team of developers. This ROM is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and have stock Android Lollipop interface with lots of UI tweaks you’ll like. This ROM is purely for gamers. Features: proximity call, screenshot and screen record tile right at the notification panel, boot animation changer, gesture anywhere. AICP Note Download Unofficial AICP ROM

  1. Cr Droid ROM

Cr Droid ROM is CM 12.1 based custom ROM that means that this ROM will give you Android Lollipop experience. This ROM can also be used for gaming purpose because this ROM takes less amount of space as well as RAM. Features: ad blocker, blacklist, do not disturb, slim pie controls, superuser indicator, swipe behavior, quick access button on notification panel, heads up customization. CrDroid Download Cr Droid ROM

  1. Stock ROM

Stock ROM is the one which is the default firmware that came pre-installed with your device. This ROM helps you when all other custom ROM fails you (brick up your device). This Rom turns your phone back to factory settings and all the customization, recovery and root access will get wiped. This ROM can only be installed using the Odin software provided by the Samsung. Download Stock Firmware (download the one that suits your device or your phone will not boot up again). Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom ROM choice is based on how you use your device, if you want to use it for gaming purpose only then we have some fast and light custom ROM for that also or if you use your phone as normally as everyone does then we also have custom ROM for that purpose and if you like customization very much then we have special treat for you above. At last, choose wisely.